Сообщение 25 май 2018, 10:22

A new addon for social network sharing


Would people be interested in a tag for creating links to share a page/url on social networking platforms?I have a lightweight one built for my use case at the moment and I'll release that on my blog once it is up and running, however I am interested in knowing if people would be more interested in this feature; all it does is create a new cms tag for outputting popup links to share a page/url on different platforms. It also can fetch the number of shares that URL has on each of the platformsIf there's enough interest and people have more desired platforms for the tag to support, I will happily expand it and add that to the blog. Currently it only has 5 platforms available: facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and redditThe reason I've created this addon (aside from making it easy to output each tag) is that most social networking sites have their own APIs with javascript codes to get share buttons, but these scripts slow down page load speeds A LOT.

Please help.

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